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Vancouver's most sophisticated and comprehensive online floor plan service.

Your reliable source for detailed floor plans for buildings in Downtown Vancouver and the surrounding area-including Vancouver West/Downtown, False Creek North, Marinaside, Yaletown, Coal Harbour, Bayshore, Gastown, Citygate, Crosstown and the West End. We have floor plans immediately available for over 90% of buildings we service, including most Downtown properties under 20 years of age.
Use our handy Search Function to retrieve a floor plan you need from our database. Then simply click on it and proceed to Check Out-it's that easy. You can purchase each floor plan individually, or you can sign up for a monthly access membership.

Our Floor Plan Database is Growing!

We actively add new floor plans to our database daily. We are currently uploading plans for buildings in Fairview Slopes, Kitsilano, Burnaby and New Westminster. Please check back again if the floor plan you need is not yet available.
If you have floor plans for buildings not yet on our database, we would appreciate the opportunity to add this information to our files. In exchange, we can provide you with a Promo Code allowing you free access to our database for a limited period of time. Please email us at [email protected] to make arrangements on how we can obtain the information. We simply borrow the plans, scan them and return them to you.

VancouverFloorPlans: Powerful and Convenient

Here's how VFP stacks up against MyCondoPlans from the Real Estate Board of Greater Vancouver:
  • Search Results-VFP returns more reliable search results allowing you to get the floor plans you need, when you need them.
  • Floor Plates-VFP combines all floor plates in a building into a single, easy-to-use PDF document. This information is an important consideration when performing a Comparative Market Analysis (CMA) of listings. MyCondoPlans cannot do this.
  • Building Strata Plan-VFP automatically provides this important information, whether you purchase a single floor plan or a monthly subscription. MyCondoPlans does not provide building strata plans. When you create a new listing your real estate office will typically order a building strata plan for a fee of up to $20. With VFP, it's already included.
  • Area Maps-VFP provides detailed area maps showing all buildings in a particular development. MyCondoPlans only provides site maps showing the location of a building layered on top of a Google map.
  • Customized Feature Sheets-VFP provides greater flexibility in creating customized feature sheets that reflect your unique branding. This includes the ability to choose up to 19 images and other documents: floor plans/plates, area/site maps, news articles related to a building and mortgage data with down payment figures.

New Feature-VFP Connection to MLS

Photos in MLS listings only provide one perspective in assessing a property. By being able to also view floor plans you can instantly see the layout of the property, including the arrangement of living and dining areas, bedrooms and outdoor space, and determine if it is suitable to your needs. This new feature is available on bccondos.net. Please see the video Demo.

Copyrighted Floor Plans

We secure floor plans from developers and other sources and copyright them with our company watermark. These plans are intended for informational purposes only and do not include measurements. We have no control over specific details of the floor plans or any other content provided. The plans may contain errors and omissions and are provided without any representations, warranties, conditions or guarantees. If you need customized floor plans with measurements, we recommend contacting:

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